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Alternatives Dundee Youth

Alternatives Dundee Youth are a free ‘preventative’ service offering one-to-one listening support for young people in Dundee.  We can offer a safe space to talk. We do not give advice or tell you what to do. We listen.

Throughout our work we have met young people who have expressed a need to feel heard and valued. Many are unsure about their lives and their emotions not through lack of information or education but through not having space to talk openly about the ‘stuff’ that has an impact on their lives. We recognise that feeling heard and understood increases resilience and has a strong link to positive mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes young people are referred for mental health intervention when all they need is to be heard and supported as they unravel their thoughts and feelings.

By giving the young person space to “download” their story, explore their own questions and emotions, they often become more resilient as they seek meaning and try to deal with life, its challenges and its transitions. Through active listening and helping the young person ‘hear’ what they are saying themselves we seek to empower young people by building the self-awareness and emotional intelligence needed to maintain positive wellbeing.

We do not offer counselling or therapy but can offer person-centred preventative listening support for young people who may be experiencing:

  • Low self esteem and self worth
  • Low mood, sadness or worry
  • Relationship concerns
  • Unexpected pregnancy
  • Post miscarriage/ termination support

All of our Youth Support Team are PVG scheme members and hold a COSCA certificate in effective listening and counselling skills.

To find out more or to book some one-to-one listening support please contact or call 01382 221112. You can also check out our website