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Dundee Fighting for Fairness Report

The Fairness Commission for Dundee – Dundee Fighting for Fairness ( brings together 12 people with lived experience of poverty and 12 people with influence in the city – building relationships, listening to stories of Commissioners personal experiences and drawing key issues together from these stories. The Commissioners focused on 3 key themes: Mental Health through the Lens of Poverty; People and Money; and Stigma. They broke into working groups and went out into the communities to find out more about people’s experiences and how that might inform change in service delivery and strategy; they met with met service providers and shared some of the ideas/solutions and explored how that might become practical change.

This report highlights the work and recommendations of the Commission. It is full of quotes taken from questionnaires, focus groups and survey monkey research conducted by the Commissioners – they were keen that other people’s voices were heard.


Dundee Fighting for Fairness Report 2018