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Dundee Money Action

Dundee Money Action, an exciting new project for Dundee, providing long-term advice, assistance and support to people having problems with saving for the future, heating their homes, or debt issues. The work is funded by Big Lottery and European Social Fund, and is being delivered through a new, multi agency approach, with staff from the different partners based in our various hub locations. The agencies (Dundee City Council, Brooksbank, Shelter Scotland, Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau, The Wise Group, Discovery Credit Union & SCARF) employ their own staff but we are placing them in multi agency hub locations where they work to collective targets across the programme.

The work concentrates on long term support in order to improve individuals’ money management skills and reduce debt as a barrier to social inclusion. In time we want to introduce a range of social activities that hook people into the programme and help them to gain new skills as well as new friends in their communities.

Every client of the service will be given their own personal Financial Support Officer who will sit down with the person (and their worker if they have one) and ask them what matters to them in terms of money, savings, benefits and future plans. They will then make sure that people are given the help they need to tackle their financial situation, not just in the short term but for as long as they need it. It is expected that in some cases this might last for 6-12 months or even longer.

If you would like to hear more from the project team about the work of Dundee Money Action, please complete the form available at and we will contact you directly to arrange a meeting or presentation. We are happy to attend team meetings, deliver a specific training sessions, or meet one to one with team leaders/managers – once you have completed the form we will contact you to discuss the most suitable way to connect with your team and provide additional support to your clients.

If there is anything else that we can assist with, please email us at or phone us on 01382 431180.

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