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Hearing Aid Battery & Re-tubing Service (non dome or slim tube hearing aids)

The Health Shop remit is, primarily, to provide health information and disease management resources to staff, visitors, patients and students. Within this remit, The Health Shop, Ninewells will support NHS Tayside Audiology Services by

  • providing replacement hearing aid batteries and
  • offering a re-tubing service for hearing aid users.

From 21st November 2017, trained Health Shop volunteers will deliver a battery and re-tubing service every Tuesday afternoon from 1.30-3.30pm.

Hearing aid batteries will also be available from the Health Shop office during allocated times. The client’s yellow book must be provided to be in receipt of batteries.

The Health Shop’s health information point at Whitehills HCCC in Forfar also deliver a battery and re-tubing service every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.


Day and Time Venue Service
Monday 1.30 – 3.30pm Ninewells Battery replacement
Tuesday 10am – 12noon  Whitehills Re-tubing & battery replacement
Tuesday 1.30pm – 3.30pm Ninewells Re-tubing & battery replacement
Wednesday 10am – 12.30pm Ninewells Battery replacement
Thursday 10am – 12.30pm  Ninewells Battery replacement
Thursday 2pm – 4pm Whitehills Re-tubing & battery replacement


audiology support ninewells launch 21-11-17