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Hopscotch- A film by Amina- The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

We are delighted to present our latest film ‘Hopscotch’, which was made with support from Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and ‘Young Saheliya’ (part of the organisationSaheliya’).

This film cleverly highlights what practitioners at Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and AminaMWRC, already know: that the harassment women experience on the street forms part of their experience of racism, of Islamophobia, and of men’s violence against women.

This film is part of our campaign, You Can Change This.  HOPSCOTCH is based on a poem written by Nadine Aisha’s experience of street harassment.  Roxana Vilk, an award winning filmmaker directed the film.

We hope HOPSCOTCH will provide an insight into the dehumanizing and distressing impact street harassment can have on women, and raise awareness of the extent of the problem so that more can be done to challenge islamophopbia, racism and sexism, not only by law makers but by every single person. #YouCanChangeThis

The film can be viewed here:

Amina’s campaign YouCanChangeThis was developed to encourage every single person to play an active role in ending violence against women and girls. Following on from the disturbing statistics collected from our street harassment survey in 2014, a poster was created to help stop victim blaming. A woman should not have to change direction, walk a different route, change her clothing, put earphones in to block cat calling.  Our campaign resources for YouCanChangeThis have been used globally, and countries such as Pakistan and Australia have accessed them to develop their own campaigns.  For further information about our campaign, please get in touch. 

We would like to thank our funder, Scottish Government (Children, Young People & Families Early Intervention and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund).  Without their support and the backing of the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe (Violence against Women and Girls) Fund, this work would not be possible.