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Participatory Budgeting and the timeline for Dundee

Dundee City Council has top sliced £1.2m from its mainstream budget this financial year to enable local communities to decide how the money is spent in relation to physical and environmental infrastructure. Each Ward has been allocated £150,000 to fund local proposals.

Many of the current proposals have emerged through findings from the Engage Dundee consultation and are currently being worked up and costed by City Development.  Following this,  local communities will be given the chance to prioritise proposals to inform online voting through the Council website and also to vote at events which will take place in local communities during February and March 2018.  The money has to be allocated this financial year but does not have to be spent until 2018/19.

It is worth looking at the following  websites and

Below is a paper on Participatory Budgeting and a Timeline for Dundee

Participatory Budgeting in Scotland

Participatory Budgeting Timeline 2017-18