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Pre-retirement Course

Providers: Affinity Connect Ltd. Supported by Learning & Organisational Development (Human Resources & Business Support).


Who is the learning opportunity for?  Suitable for anyone considering retirement (including early retirement, ill health retirement or flexible retirement) within the next year or so, or for those who perhaps are unsure as to when they would like to retire. Partners are welcome and are encouraged to attend.


Course structure and content: The course is built around 4 main themes i.e. Lifestyle Changes, Income in Retirement, Money Management & Estate Planning.


Learning outcomes: Awareness, understanding and some tools to help with the following –

Changes in your lifestyle with options available to build a new way of life;

Practical “doable” actions to protect your health in retirement;

Choices you need to make about your occupational pension before you leave;

Where you can expect income from, and how it is taxed differently in retirement;

What banks, building societies and a range of investment assets can do for you;

Why increased life expectancy increases the dangers of inflation, and how to combat it;

How to minimise investment risk, and guaranteed investments;

How to ensure your estate is passed to your intended beneficiaries;

How to deal with long term care costs and inheritance tax ;

The opportunity to request Independent Financial Advice* (consultation is free of charge and without obligation or pressure).


Duration: 1 day (9:30am start, finishing at 4:00pm.)


Cost: There is no charge for anyone attending this course.


Venue: This course is held at different venues throughout the city. You will be notified by email what venue you should attend.


Facilities: Tea and coffee is available throughout the day. At present a light lunch is provided.  (Access to a fridge and microwave is available at the Dudhope Castle venue).


Parking: The car park can be found at the rear of the castle. Enter off Barrack Rd; please note a 10mph limit is in place along the drive.


If you would like to book a place on any of these dates please email


If you have any queries surrounding this opportunity please call,

Chris Muir, Learning & Organisational Development Advisor ext.4109