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Protecting People Chief Officers Group ‘Question Time’ session- Wednesday 30th May 2018

The Protecting People Chief Officers Group (COG) would like to invite you to join them for a ‘Question Time’ session on  Wednesday 30th May at 10am at Committee Room 1, City Chambers.

This event will centre around a panel discussion with COG members and the workforce in Dundee on protecting people issues. The panel discussion will be conducted by the following COG members:

David Martin, Chief Executive, Dundee City Council
Ann Hamilton, Chairperson, Dundee Violence Against Women Partnership
Jane Martin, Chief Social Work Officer, Dundee City Council
David Lynch, Chief Officer, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership

In this session, frontline practitioners are presented with an opportunity to ask questions of COG members on any aspect of public protection work. Questions are welcome from everyone, regardless of their intention to partake in this event. The Protecting People Team representatives will support the session on the day and will ensure your questions are passed onto the panel members with the answers recorded and reported back to you. Alternatively, we warmly welcome frontline practitioners to join this session and engage in a conversation with COG members and other practitioners directly.

Remember, if you cannot attend in person you can still submit questions for the panel.

Please RSVP and submit your questions by 21st Monday, May to Greta Liaudanskaite at  or call 01382 433518.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss the issues that are important to you and the people you support.


‘Dundee’s future lies with its people. They deserve the best this city can give them.

We will provide the protection they need, when they need it, to keep them safe from harm’