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Report of Third Sector Leaders’ Workshop on Every Child & Young Person Matters

On the 24th of May, a targeted audience of national and local third sector deliverers of children’s and families’ services in Tayside got together, with the collective intent being to improve outcomes for children and families by strengthening the voice and collaboration of the third sector in Dundee.

A brief extract …

“A Vital Community Force

As anticipated, our third horizon envisaged a whole new way of working as part of a ‘Vital Community Force’! The plans and activities of the third sector in this horizon were governed by principles such as cloud-sharing of information, conceptual development and collaboration as a given start-point. Conversations about this level of change envisioned entirely new relationships in-place between communities and those that wish to support them. Communities were described as informed, engaged and adept in corralling the resource, capacity and expertise in order to lead their own development. The ‘state’ was viewed as a much more ‘enabling’ presence that moved to reduce or eliminate barriers to community empowerment, as opposed to the perceived establishment and maintenance of them.”

You can access the document here … … and we will upload a copy to this website shortly.