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RockSolid Dundee- Youth Employment Research

RockSolid Dundee is currently undertaking some research to try and discover ‘’What barriers prevent young adults, aged 16-24, from accessing and sustaining a positive destination in employment, further education or training”.

They are linking with other local agencies in Dundee. The East End of Dundee is where they have aimed their focus but are linked with agencies throughout Dundee to ensure that they have an idea of what young people feel would benefit them most but also what employers find are their strengths and weaknesses when recruiting young people.

They aim to run a pilot project next year using all the gathered evidence to ensure that young people’s needs are being met and run an employability programme aimed at the level that young people desire but also ensuring that employers needs are considered.

If you are an employee of at least 1 young adult please fill in our ‘Employers Questionnaire’ –

All results will support our research and in turn the young adults in the East End of Dundee as well as any potential Employers throughout Dundee.