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Suicide Prevention – Everybody’s Business!

Suicide is a preventable cause of death.  It is most common in men aged 35-55 and most are not in contact with mental health services.  However, suicide can affect anyone and has significant consequences for families and communities.

Call to action… You can help!  To reduce suicide everyone needs to be aware of mental health problems and suicide risk.  We can all be the one to help, for example, by listening and signposting to sources of support. Download the Tayside Suicide? Help! App now and be ready to help.


Download the Suicide? Help! App ( This app has been developed in Tayside and contains:


·         Support agencies information and contact details for local and national organisations that support people in distress.

·         Information about suicide and information for those affected by suicide.

·         How to help those in distress or thinking about suicide.

·         A safety plan to help think through and record what helps in times of crisis.


Mental Health Information:

The NHS inform website has information and advice on mental illness:

and simple tips to improve your wellbeing: