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Tender Opportunity-Humanitarian Integration Service

Dundee City Council (on behalf of Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership) is seeking a Service Provider with the appropriate experience to provide a Humanitarian Integration Service within a Contractual Agreement.

Since December 2015, Dundee City Council has been part of the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement (VPRS) and Resettlement of Vulnerable Children Scheme (RVCS).  The Scheme is a managed migration scheme, run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  The Scheme was set up in January 2014 to help the most vulnerable refugees.

In Dundee the scheme is delivered as a partnership between Dundee City Council, NHS Tayside, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership, Dundee Third Sector Interface (TSI), Police Scotland, Department Work and Pensions and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.  Since the beginning of the scheme in Dundee we have learnt that by working collaboratively we have achieved a project that has successfully supported Refugees arriving in Scotland.

The aim of the service is that children and adults seeking refuge in Dundee are able to build a new life and integrate into Dundee and in doing so, achieve their personal outcomes.

The successful Provider will provide support and information to refugees with Arabic-speaking staff to all Refugees who have been placed in Dundee under the Vulnerable Person Relocation (VPR) and the Resettlement of Vulnerable Children (RVC) schemes.

The transition to life in Dundee will be facilitated by Humanitarian Support Workers and Volunteers.  Refugees will be supported to place their children (where applicable) in nurseries and schools and supported to access healthcare and other public services.  Refugees will also be supported with bank and benefit appointments.

The service will initially be heavily involved in the intense support necessary during the first few weeks after arrival and will transition into a service which facilitates integration opportunities in the longer term.

In line with this, Dundee City Council requires a Service Provider who has a history of collaborative working to further develop the Council’s support to Refugees.

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