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Good Governance Award

This award has been developed to celebrate and promote the role of good organisational governance in the third sector.

Through a fully supported evaluation process, this award helps organisations develop and enhance their policies and procedures. Once achieved, organisations will have established governance processes that reflect current best practice.

Evidencing good governance can be difficult, and charities are under increasing pressure to improve transparency and demonstrate their efficiency.

The Good Governance Award provides a clear, structured approach to critically assessing an organisation’s management. Once completed, it provides proof that an organisation is actively engaging in excellent governance through our Award Certification.

The Good Governance Award has been developed to support and celebrate governance best practice, recognising the importance of good management to the efficacy and efficiency of an organisation.

In order to obtain the award, organisations begin by going through a process of self-evaluation before compiling a portfolio evidencing 7 key areas of organisational governance.

These 7 key areas are:

  • Organisational Management                                       
  • Planning, Delivering, & Monitoring
  • Recruitment
  • Managing Staff & Volunteers
  • Managing Finances
  • Managing Resources
  • Marketing & Communications

Registered organisations are fully supported throughout the process, with regular one-to-one meetings with Good Governance Award staff, as well as access to resources for each section of the award through the members’ area of this site.

Access the Good Governance Award System


For more information contact Beth Curzon on 01382 305724 or email