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Accessible and Active Travel Fund

A new one year fund to support the objectives of Accessible and active travel has been announced. Local authorities, transport operators, regional transport partnerships and other organisations can apply to the £300k fund for 2018/2019.

The purpose of the fund is to improve the accessibility of door to door journeys across all modes of transport to enhance the travelling experience of disabled people and others facing mobility or access challenges, including passengers that have hidden impairments. From training to infrastructure improvements, this fund will consider part or whole funding of projects which support the central vision outlined in the Accessible Travel Framework – that all disabled people can travel with the same freedom, choice and dignity and opportunity as other citizens.

This reflects the Scottish Government’s commitment to equality and inclusiveness which extends to our entire transport network.

The Framework  is a national vision which outlines outcomes for accessible travel. It is both an ambition and a commitment on our part to go beyond what the law says we must do, to help ensure we do all we can to make travel more accessible for disabled people.

The  Framework refers throughout,  mainly to travel rather than transport, because the issues disabled people told us about include more than just getting access to transport – it is about  travel information, getting to transport, facilities around transport, people’s attitudes and going between different modes of transport.

What can the fund be used for?

The Fund is there to support projects that go beyond regulatory requirements.

In terms of eligibility, we want this to be as open as possible to include ‘technical’ improvements but also staff training and possibly practical studies (of the type that would lead directly to practical implementation projects). There must be a clear link into active and sustainable travel.  Particularly in areas such as sustainable communities, the built environment and encouraging multi-modal travel.  For example, making areas more accessible through clear pathways and improved accessible signage, improved infrastructure facilities that are beneficial to all members of the community and fully accessible and safe for all, and therefore encourage the public to make more active travel choices.

The Fund can also cover proposals developed in partnership with other transport and infrastructure providers to facilitate integration with other modes and a seamless journey for disabled people.

What is not included:

  • Any applications for retrospective projects.
  • It is not intended to fund repairs or maintenance.

How can you make an application to the Fund?

The aim is to have simple but effective procedures for the application and award of grants whilst ensuring value for money and propriety in use of public money.

Full details of the fund and application packs can be found on the Transport Scotland website: