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Budgeting for Sustainability- 27 November 2018

Tuesday 27 November 2018

09:30 – 12:00 GMT


Factory Skatepark

15 Balunie Drive




Learn how to budget taking into consideration all your costs in order to sustain the work of your organisation.

Find out more about full cost recovery and the common errors to avoid in budgeting.

This training is expertly delivered by Derek Grant who is a Chartered Accountant, Partner and business advisor at MMG Archbold.

The workshop will cover –

– meaning and purpose of budgeting

– costing accurately using the full recovery approach (including repairs, maintenance, contingency etc – areas that are not always obvious to include in budgets)

– common pitfalls in the budgeting process and how to avoid them

– how to manage a budget

– cash flow

– looking at the need to generate income rather than rely on grants (as they diminish)