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Dial-op and Go

Dial-OP & GO, the multi-level support service from Volunteer Dundee.

Providing information, regular contact and supported access to improve the health and wellbeing of adults in Dundee. Dial-OP & GO helps adults connect with their community through: the Information Line, providing easy to access information tailored to peoples’ needs; Blether Buddies, a friendly weekly phone call to look forward to for those who lack in company; Morning Call, a daily check to make sure everything is okay and provide reminders as required; and the GO project, offering the practical and emotional support required that helps people access activities and services in the city. All support is tailored to the needs and circumstances of those referred to the service through access to one or more strands of the project. We welcome referrals from professionals, family, friends and self.
For further information, please contact Dial-OP & GO on 01382 305757, or


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