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NHS Scotland funding for A Place to Be Programme

NHS Health Scotland is keen to encourage senior third sector colleagues with a demonstrable commitment to public health leadership and goals to participate in the programme.

Leadership for public health and of the workforce is key to the success of Public Health in Scotland and was one of the key strands for improvement to emerge from the Public Health Review and is a key component of Public Health Reform.  The challenge is to create an approach that will enable leaders and potential leaders throughout the Public Health workforce to flourish no matter where they are in the system; no matter what their role or title and to ensure we all pull in the same direction with a shared sense of vision and the values which underpin this.

A Place to Be is one element of a wider plan for leadership and succession planning in Scotland being implemented by the Scottish Directors of Public Health.   This 3 day programme has been designed for Scotland by NHS Education for Scotland and the King’s Fund and focuses on supporting senior public health leaders to: navigate the volume of material and access the best leadership programmes/materials available; understand and take up their leadership role for and of public health and ensure that that investment in development makes a difference.  The programme is focussed on personal rather than knowledge development.

There is funding available through NHS Health Scotland to support third sector leaders to join the February 2019 programme, and this may include support for travel/accommodation if needed. Financial support for the September 2019 and January 2020 intakes is still to be confirmed but strongly likely. If support with funding is required you should note this on the application form and they will follow this up with you.

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