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Scottish Women’s Convention Dundee Event-Wed 31 Oct

The Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) are coming to Dundee to hold a free discussion event for local women. The organisation exists to consult with women throughout Scotland about things which are important to them, in order that their voices are heard by policy and decision makers at all levels. The SWC was set up in 2003 to enable grassroots women to discuss issues relevant to them. Since its inception the organisation has engaged with a wide range of women throughout the country.

The SWC will be at the Queens Hotel on Wednesday 31st October 2018, from 10.30am – 1.00pm.

There will be informal, facilitated roundtable discussions with women attending, discussing a range of issues including (but not limited to) employment, health, housing, transport, welfare benefits and carers. The information gathered will then go on to inform SWC responses to both Scottish and UK Parliament and Government consultations and calls for evidence.

Lunch will be provided.

For more information contact