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Sensory Services Engagement

Using the Scottish Government’s See Hear Strategy 2014 figures, there are an estimated 25,000 people experiencing hearing impairment and 5,000 people experiencing vision impairment in Dundee. This means approximately 1:6 with hearing impairment and 1:30 with vision impairment.

Having a vision and or hearing impairment affects people’s daily lives in terms of communicating or carrying out every day essentials such as shopping, working, visiting the Doctor, accessing services and meeting friends.

The project engages with people in Dundee who experience sensory impairment (hearing &/or sight) so they can raise concerns regarding access to services and inclusion to enable greater independence, but also to raise awareness about the challenges faced.

The Engagement officer reports to the Strategic Planning Group, a multi-disciplinary group which has the responsibility for creating a strategic plan to enable inclusion for those people in Dundee who experience sensory impairment.

A Forum has been set up  to promote inclusion by sharing views and challenges, areas of good practice and awareness. The Forum has members from a wide range of areas (i.e. business, education, employment, health, social care, leisure, culture, etc).

Hearing Aid Battery Collection Points

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